MMS, MHS Offer Online Sports Registration

Mattoon Middle School is now offering online sports registration that will be available through the MMS Athletic Webpage. Much like MHS, Mattoon Middle School will be going to an online sports registration system. Parents will be able to enter their student-athletes, electronically sign certain forms, and stay informed of any practice or game changes through this new system. More information including directions on how to register is available by clicking the following link:

MMS Online Sports Registration

Mattoon High School Online Sports Registration - Bookmark the following link for easy access.

MHS Online Sports Registration

MMS Fans Can Watch Home Games Via Livestream

Mattoon Middle School announces that all home boys basketball, girls’ volleyball, and girls basketball games will be live-streamed so fans can enjoy the games in the safety and comfort of their own homes!  We will be posting more information about our live stream, as well as the live streams of our Conference Opponents soon.

Please subscribe to our channel to get notifications when we are live.  Links to away contests will be posted and provided via social media.  

Click here to visit our YouTube channel.

Additional links for other schools who will live stream their games are posted towards the bottom of the document.

Because of COVID-19 mandates from the State of Illinois and the CDC restricting the number of spectators at events, HOME GAME PASSES to our home boys’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, and girls’ basketball games will only be available through players and coaches.  Each participant will receive 2 HOME GAME PASSES to allow family and friends to attend our games.  Families and athletes may determine how to distribute the passes and do not have to give them to the same people for each game.  Please keep your HOME GAME PASS readily available throughout the game, in the event that MMS staff ask to see it.  There will be no admission cost for entry this year.  Also, there will be no concession sales at this time.  

At the time of entry to a home game, you will have a quick health screening.  An MMS staff member will take your temperature and ask you about COVID symptoms or known exposures.  If you have symptoms or known exposures, you will not be allowed to enter the game.  You must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing from non-family members throughout the course of the game.  This guidance was set by IDPH and IESA.  Failure to comply may result in removal from the contest.  

When you enter, you will be directed to sit on the Northside of the gym (across from the player benches) and possibly in the East Bleachers.  Due to current mitigations, we ask that you only occupy the TOP three rows to maintain an appropriate distance from athletes.  There will be a cleaning station as you enter the gym.  Please take a wipe to clean the seats you will use during the game.  We also ask that spectators use hand sanitizer as they enter and exit the gymnasium.

The South Central Conference is not allowing fans to attend away events.  MMS is only playing conference games. The schedules of games are posted here.

Our coaches and student-athletes are happy to be back on the court to begin their seasons even though there will be some changes.  We are thrilled that fans will be able to watch the games via live streaming.  We hope this will allow everyone to enjoy the games - no matter where they are!

2021 Mattoon Middle School Mitigation Plan – JH Basketball and Volleyball

Mattoon Middle School is pleased to again offer extra-curricular opportunities to our students. The following information is in relation to the mitigations and procedures currently in place as we move through the basketball and volleyball seasons.  Please keep in mind that these procedures may change depending upon the status of our region at the time of the contest.   

Mattoon Middle School will allow only HOME fans to attend our contests at this time.  Players will be limited to 2 fans each. The identification of these fans will be determined by the specific player. We will provide 2 passes to each player, coach, and manager.  Using passes, as opposed to a pass gate list allows families flexibility as to who comes to each game.

Fans are required to social distance by family and wear masks at all times.

Fan Seating Location: HOME FANS ONLY
All fans in attendance must sit on the North side of the gym (across from the player benches) and possibly in the East Bleachers. Due to current mitigations, we ask that you only occupy the TOP 3 rows to maintain an appropriate distance from athletes. 

Fan Attendance Limitations and Transition: HOME FANS ONLY
During the 7th grade contest, only 7th-grade fans are allowed in the facility and once the 7th-grade contest is completed, they must exit the facility and move promptly to their vehicles.   7th-grade players will also be dismissed at that time.

The 8th-grade Basketball parents are allowed to enter the facility 1 hour after the start of the 7th-grade contest.   (Basketball EX: So, for a 10:00 am 7th grade start time, the 8th-grade parents should not enter the facility until 11:00 am) 

The 8th-grade Volleyball parents are also allowed to enter the facility 1 hour after the start of the 7th-grade volleyball contest.

There will be NO admission charged to enter the contests at Mattoon Middle School.

Cleaning Station:
There will be a cleaning station with antibacterial wipes and fans are asked to use a wipe to sanitize their seat prior to sitting down.

No concessions will be available. 

Locker Rooms: 
We request that players come to the contest in uniform and ready to play.  Locker rooms will be available for pre-game, halftime, and post-game only.

Mattoon Middle School will provide warm-up balls for the visiting teams.  These balls will be sanitized prior to the date of the contest. Please have your athletes keep the visiting team warm-up balls separate from the home team balls during warmups and between contests.

  • 2 Game balls will be rotated during the contest and sanitized.

Team Benches:
Spots have been marked on the South side bleachers where team players are to sit.  We are not using chairs on the floor at this time.  The visiting players from the team not playing (the off grade level team) will have assigned seating in the Hash Gymnasium with one of their coaches or an MMS supervisor.   We will try to have a stream of the game in the Wildcat Gymnasium for them to watch in the Hash Gym. Unfortunately, off-grade level teams count toward the spectator numbers.

Visiting Team Personnel:
Only team players/managers, coaches, bus driver, and one scorekeeper will be allowed entry into our facility. All players/managers and coaching staff must wear masks at all times and social distance.

Streaming Information: 
Below is the information available at this time regarding streaming for junior high/middle school contests. Please understand that technology does not always work the way we hope. Some schools may not stream events. We will do our best to provide a video stream for as many contests as possible.  Links to video streams may change during the season. We will pass on any additional information and link changes through the coaches and to your athletes, as well as via 8to18.   

Click the following links in green:

Charleston JH

Charleston JH 2nd Option 

Effingham JH – Effingham Junior High School home boys’/girls’ basketball and girls’ volleyball games will be live-streamed on the district's Youtube channel. A complete schedule of contests will be available on the Unit #4O website at Click on the link of the contest you want to watch to live stream.  Streams will start approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each game and will be archived on our U40tv Youtube Channel.

St. Anthony JH – St. Anthony Schools are excited to announce that we will be live streaming all of our home games using the following YouTube Channels.  

You can find these direct links on our website, along with sports schedules (which are always subject to change):  

Live Stream links and schedules are also available on the new St. Anthony Booster Club website. We encourage you to check it out and invite you to become a member.

Taylorville JH

Teutopolis JH – They will be live streaming, but information is unavailable at this time.

Mattoon Fans, as additional information becomes available we will communicate that through our coaches and athletes, as well as 8to18. This document will be modified as new information becomes available.