Students encouraged to create, promote new inventions

Using inspiration from the television show "Shark Tank," Mattoon Middle School students in Michelle Wilson's and Blair Dosch's classes developed inventions and presented their projects in front of a panel of judges.  Wilson and Dosch said they are pleased with the students' creativity and enthusiasm.  

"This is my favorite day of the year," said Dosch.  "I am so incredibly proud of the students!  "They have brainstormed, planned, prepped, written speeches, created commercials and advertisements, designed prototypes, and solved problems with their own solutions. I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of these amazing kids. There were so many great inventions and innovations."

The panel of judges included Nate Pugh, principal, MMS, Christy Hild, assistant superintendent, student services, and Ingrid Minger, media center coordinator.

Several students created advertisements to promote their innovations.  Just like their projects, the students used creativity when creating their advertisements.  We encourage you to click the links and view their work:


Here are short descriptions of the Top 12 Projects:

The Bike Barrel. Customizable and removable bike basket. No holes! She welded this! 

Change Case. Interchangeable phone case. 

 Lingo necklace. The idea helps translate languages. 

Plant Terror. She created a device to text you when your plant needs watered. It’s coded and everything. Amazing! 

Packing Seeds. Packing peanuts with seeds in them. You plant the packing peanuts and they are biodegradable. So cool! 

Make and Create. A custom game that come with different game boards and pieces. You roll the dice to select the items that must be used in your game and then you make the rules up yourself. The never-ending box of games. Awesome! 

Undustables! Keep the Cheetos dust off your fingers with these disposable finger covers. Yes please! 

Manga Throw. Magnetic football and gloves that are great for learning how to catch and helps kids of all ages and abilities. Awesome! 

Candy flip! Candy noodles flipped in Jello and it comes with chopsticks. This was delicious and so fun to eat! Awesome! 

Tic Tac Trampoline. Hang the game on your trampoline net and play tic tac trampoline while you jump. Fun!  

Glow pack tackle box that comes with lights built in and a stand to hold the lid open for additional light. This keeps you from having to carry lanterns and flashlights with you when you night fish. Amazing

Mini Mop. Cleans the bottom of your water bottle. She tied died rags and attached them to dowel rods. The rags can be taken off and washed when dirty. Great idea!