Wildcat Spotlight

Jonah Stamps

Taking advantage of 5th quarter, Jonah Stamps is working on building his skills in STEAM. After graduation, he wants to pursue a career in Engineering.

- Jonah Stamps

Baylee Summers

In her first track and field season at MMS, she secured two IESA sectional track and field titles in the 400 meter run & high-jump.

- Baylee Summers

Cole Board

Sharpening his skills and working to extending his learning during 5th quarter, Cole wants to be an NFL Football player after graduation.

- Cole Board

Courtyard Project

Demonstrating leadership by working to restore the courtyard and expand collaboration areas.

- Parker Masse & Gustavo Medina

Maniah Turner

Leading her learning, Maniah is working on ELA skills during 5th quarter. After graduation, she wants to be a teacher or doctor.

- Maniah Turner

Gage Tucker

"I like figuring out how to code because it is really complicated but once you break it down it is actually really simple and cool"

- Gage Tucker