Carter to represent IL at Nationals

Laura Roberts, printing technology instructor and SkillsUSA sponsor – WaveSkills Chapter, presented certificates and awards to Mattoon High School students who competed in the SkillsUSA Championships' career competitions.

The awards were presented at the June 8, 2021 Mattoon school board meeting.

This year Mattoon High School had three students compete virtually:

-Abigail Carter - Competed in T-shirt Design and won the Silver, Pin Design and won the Silver and Graphic Imaging Sublimation and won the Gold in Graphic Imaging Sublimation. She will represent the State of Illinois at the Virtual SkillsUSA Nationals.

-Tyler Warner - Competed in -T-shirt Design

-Ginger Gardner - Competed in -Creative Photography

The SkillsUSA Championships' career competitions allow members to showcase the personal, workplace and technical skills they have developed from taking part in SkillsUSA intra- classroom, chapter and workplace programming. These career competitions allow our members to prove to industry that they are career ready.

You can watch the recording of the SkillsUSA Illinois SLSC 2021 - Champions Awards Session.