Carter earns national honors

Mattoon High School student Abby Carter has earned the gold medal in graphic imaging sublimation at the SkillsUSA National Competition.
“I’m so excited and proud of Abby Carter for winning the gold medal at SkillsUSA Nationals,” said Laura Roberts, printing technology instructor,  MHS. "(This honor) proves she is the best in the nation!”

(More information from Laura Roberts-Abby won the gold medal at the state competition which qualified her to represent for the State of Illinois at nationals. She had designed and printed a license pate, a tile, a cutting board, and a shirt. She then created a display board and recorded herself presenting the graphic imaging process. Abby also took an exam about Graphic imaging sublimation and perform a virtual interview).

Pictured below

is a photo of the SkillsUSA National awards ceremony when Abby Carter’s name was announced as a Gold Medal winner.
The file photo above is of Carter with Laura Roberts at the June 2021 school board meeting with Roberts presenting awards to Carter she earned this year at SkillsUSA.