Aydin Tariq Selected as PBS Student Report Labs Advisory Team Member

Mattoon High School Student, Aydin Tariq was recently selected to serve on the first-ever PBS Student Reporting Labs Advisory Team. 

He was chosen as one of just 19 students from around the nation and will serve as a Student Advisor and Youth Reporter. As a team member, Tariq will have the opportunity to meet virtually with the other students from across the country throughout the rest of the 2022-23 year.

Student Reporting Labs is a division of the PBS Newshour that works to train youth around the country in journalism and media. The team will produce content focusing on the accomplishments and challenges of today's young people. 

Watch for Tariq's work by following Student Reporting Labs or PBS Newshour on most social media platforms or view stories here once they are published.

 Tariq states, "This is an opportunity to represent young people across the country. So many of us have passion or ideas, and having the ability to shed light on that is revolutionary, not just for me, but for our community and beyond."