IASB Board Member President, Michelle Skinlo

Dr. Perry Hill, Director of Field Services for the Illinois Association of School Boards, made a special visit to the January 10th MCUSD #2 board meeting to deliver awards to three board members. The members awarded include Michelle Skinlow, Gary Kepley, and Ashli Overton.

Vice President Gary Kepley of Paradise Township and Ashli Overton of Lafayette Township were both awarded with certificates for receiving the IASB School Board Leader Recognition.  

Dr. Perry Hill states, "These school board members have really brought forward a passion and a persistence for gaining more knowledge through IASB activities involving school board governments...And in this level we recognize them tonight and we encourage them to continue moving forward as they impact their board and the wider community."

Board President Michelle Skinlo of Mattoon Township was awarded  with the IASB Legacy Board Leader Recognition for her years of service. Not only has President Skinlo served the MCUSD #2 School Board for 32 years now, but she also provides leadership both to the IASB and the Illini Division as a member of directors.

Dr. Hill ended his acknowledgements of the board members by stating, "One last caveat if I could; Board President Skinlo - the award that she received - is extremely notable because as far as the Illini Division is concerned she is the only school board member in the Illini Division to win this award. And statewide among the 852 school boards in Illinois, she is only one of 47."

Mattoon CUSD #2 is one of 852 members of the Illinois Association of School Boards. The district also belongs to the Illini Division, which is home to 259 school boards and 37 school districts. 

Pictured in the top photo is Dr. Perry Hill (left) and Gary Kepley (right). Pictured in the middle photo is Dr. Perry Hill (left) and Ashli Overton (right). Pictured in the bottom photo is Dr. Perry Hill (left) and Michelle Skinlo (right).

Dr. Perry Hill awarding Vice President, Gary Kepley

Dr. Perry Hill awarding Ashli Overton

Dr. Perry Hill awarding President, Michelle Skinlo