United Way Donation for Childrens Assitance Fund

Tracey Perry, school social worker, accepted a check for $1,000 to the Children's Assistance fund from Susan Warren, retired Mattoon paraprofessional. The donation was made from benevolent funds at Mattoon First United Methodist church. This is the second year the church made this donation.

The Children’s Assistance Fund is a unique grant-funded program through the United Way that is directly involved with the well-being of children who attend school in the Mattoon School District.  The fund is used to help those students whose parents cannot afford “basic needs” for their children.  These basic needs include a wide variety of items.  Such as food, school supplies, coats, hats, gloves, tennis shoes, underwear, socks, P.E. uniforms, and various basic hygiene items, etc.  Every school staff member in the district can request the use of the Children’s Assistance Fund to assist their students with these types of needs.  

This fund started over 30 years ago when Clyde Self, a retired Mattoon School District teacher, saw a need for his students.  He applied for the grant through the United Way and every year the United Way has provided money for this fund.  When Clyde retired Tracey Perry, Mattoon School Social Worker continued to apply for this grant each year through the United Way.  The needs in our school district and community have grown each year.  This fund is vital in meeting our student’s needs.  We truly appreciate any donation that we receive.  As a former employee for the Mattoon School District, Susan Warren remembers the needs of our students and works with her church to provide a donation to the Children’s Assistance Fund!   Their generosity is greatly appreciated.