6th grade students rotate through all of our Essentials classes to be exposed to all of the wonderful opportunities MMS offers. Today FACS classes celebrated the end of their rotation with a Friendsgiving feast!
4 days ago, MCUSD2
6th grade FACS
6th grade FACS
There will be no Stretch Time sessions November 22 and November 23. All sessions will resume Monday, November 29.
9 days ago, MCUSD2
Congratulations to the following students who have finished Lexia power up: Jackson Zike, Cole Schaefer, Andrea Schrock. Power up is an ELA curriculum support utilized by students at MMS. Awesome job Wildcats!
9 days ago, MCUSD2
lexia power up 3
lexia power up 2
lexia power up 1
Student Reading Committee will begin meeting during Advisory (P1) starting December 3rd. If you are interested in joining please fill out the registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfC9m6IwOX14EdVuWw68uxUQsip4vJ742IUn95PM6uebmSDeA/viewform
10 days ago, MCUSD2
student reading committee
Ready for an exciting challenge?! Starting today we are hosting a school-wide Lexia Power Up Reading Challenge! The grade level with the most units completed by December 17th will win a hot cocoa bar! Parents, you can join the fun by encouraging your child to login at home and complete units on Lexia!
13 days ago, MCUSD2
Lexia Challenge
6th graders are learning about the power of protein in their incredible edible egg unit. Student were able to choose to prepare two different egg styles out of 5. They did an amazing job!
13 days ago, MCUSD2
6th grade FACS
6th Grade FACS2
We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Read Across Mattoon! This is such a fantastic program and we are blessed to have it in our community. Help us celebrate by joining us at the Mattoon Public Library on Thursday, December 2nd from 4:30-6pm!
13 days ago, MCUSD2
Read across Mattoon
MMS Mass Media students have created an online clothing shop for MMS apparel! These designs are created and printed by MMS students. Here is a link to shop: https://mmsmassshop.wixsite.com/mms-mass-shop
13 days ago, MCUSD2
Happy National STEM Day! Today in class, 6th grade students are working on building their aqueducts!
19 days ago, MCUSD2
6th grade students in Mrs Campbell's classes worked on a research project learning all about the death of Ozie the Iceman. They concluded their research by forming a claim, providing evidence, and explaining their theory of what happened to him. Students worked collaboratively on a google slide presentation showcasing their theories and presenting them to their classmates.
20 days ago, MCUSD2
6th grade social studies
6th grade ELA classes worked on storytelling and creative writing. Their books are published on their lockers for others to read!
20 days ago, MCUSD2
6th grade books
6th grade books
7th grade Social Studies classes worked together to complete an escape room!
20 days ago, MCUSD2
8th grade STEAM classes began working in teams on creating with Lego Mindstorms. Stay tuned to see their final projects!
25 days ago, MCUSD2
The Wildcat Den is an area where students can come in and pick up extra food assistance while at MMS. For more information, please see Mrs. Minger in the Media Center.
26 days ago, MCUSD2
wildcat den
Attention 8th grade students! Are you interested in taking Mass Media with Mrs. Minger next semester (Spring 2022)? Fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqKzueQCcLVTxyqHW7iqnRZdH0ZvLNJrppfuyFz81gcqra3A/viewform?usp=sf_link
27 days ago, MCUSD2
FACS students enjoyed learning how to make homemade hot chocolate today!
30 days ago, MCUSD2
facs 2
MMS will be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest Friday, October 29th!
about 1 month ago, MCUSD2
costume contest
Attention 8th graders! Please fill out the following survey for your interest in CTE classes at MHS next year! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0fcJlz6Qdt0QaVORKwl7aXqIUyfQfQHOYurjWVa376jgAJw/viewform
about 1 month ago, MCUSD2
cte classes
The MMS Annual Club's Choice Fundraiser starts today! Parents, join the clubhouse by visiting: https://seller.clubschoicefundraising.com/Account/Register?gp=MATT27 School Code: MATT27 For help watch this video: https://youtu.be/vWkBMsYUNy8
about 1 month ago, MCUSD2
mms fundraiser prizes
Hey parents! Are you coming to student-led conferences on Friday? Be sure to stop by the MMS New Gym for technology, academic, and SEL support!
about 1 month ago, MCUSD2
coaches conference