Mary Martha Brown received the 2020-2021 Riddle Rock Star award for her service to students, families and staff at Riddle Elementary School. Nominated by her peers, she was noted to exude patience and kindness while she and her colleagues maintain a friendly and welcoming environment in our school office. Mary is very thoughtful of others and exhibits a selfless approach to finding new ways to help students and staff. We are very fortunate to have Mary on our team! Pictured left to right, Jordan Rahar, assistant principal, Mary Martha Brown and Chad Arnold, principal.
25 days ago, Riddle Elementary School
Jordan Rahar, Mary Martha Brown,  Chad Arnold
Riddle Elementary students and staff have been participating in a fundraiser called "Dollar Drop Days" every Friday for the past several weeks. Our goal was to raise money for the PTA as well as the Coles County Animal Shelter. We raised more than $1,000 and were able to present a check to the animal shelter for $561.51. Pictured left to right are Ms. Melissa Blackwell (second grade teacher at Riddle), Mr. Chad Arnold (Principal), Marissa Burton (Coles County Animal Shelter representative), and Sammy Renfro (Coles County Animal Shelter representative).
about 1 month ago, Riddle Elementary School
Check is presented to the Animal Shelter.
School Lunch Hero Day was Friday, May 7. The School Lunch Heroes of Riddle Elementary School wanted to share the celebration by providing ice cream to all students and staff. It was a great way to celebrate as a school. Thank you to our tremendous Aramark staff!
about 1 month ago, Riddle Elementary School
Lunch ladies hand out ice cream to students.